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This article is about the X Game game console. For the pirated Original Xbox games, see XGAME.

X Game HDMI Video Game Console-600x600

The X Game is a game console that resembles an Xbox One S.


The X Game has 600 built-in games from the Neo Geo, Game Boy Advance, Super Nintendo/Famicom, Sega Genesis, and the Nintendo Entertainment System/Famicom. It supports microSD cards. It also comes with two clear blue controllers that resemble Dualshock 1/2 controllers.

The game emulation is terrible. There's a significant amount of screen tearing and slowdown. Sometimes while playing the game may crash.

Some games are hacks and homebrews e.g. Super Luigi Bros. and Pokémon Crazy Drummer. Others aren't from the actual consoles.


  • It's unknown if the X Game has and connections to the X-Game 360.
  • The game console's startup sound is stolen from the Microsoft Sound used in Windows 95.
  • There exists another model called the X Pro which has the same emulation problems but also includes a few PlayStation games. It's black colored and has black controllers with different designs. It has 800 built-in games.