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The "X-series" is a series of portable game systems that contain built in games. You can install your own games, audio/music and videos (some variants) as well on either on the flash memory or on a SD card. They are made by a unknown Chinese company (possibly Powkiddy or Coolbaby). Typically, most of the "MP5 player-based" systems feature a Actions Semiconductor-branded SoC (system-on-chip).

List of game consoles[]

  • X2 - The first known console in the X series. It resembles a Game Boy and plays NES/GB/GBC/GBA/SMD/SNES games.
  • X5 - Resembles a PS Vita and plays the same games as the X2. It is more common in Asia, some European countries and Latin America.
  • X7 Plus - Colored look like a Nintendo Switch and resembles a PS Vita. Plays the same games but has fuzzy image glitches.
  • X12 - Looks exactly like the X7 Plus but has different hardware. It doesn't play games well and sometimes they crash the console or the game itself.
  • X15 - It runs Android hardware. Also allows gameplay of PS1, PSP, Dreamcast, N64 and Nintendo DS
  • X16 - This is distributed only by Powkiddy and has different games. It has better emulation and also plays Neo Geo/MAME games. It also resembles a PS Vita
  • X18 - It resembles a Nintendo DS and is similar to a GPD XD and also runs almost the same hardware.