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Xevios title screen.png
Hack of Xevious
Publisher Watson Corp.
Developer Watson Corp.
Original developer Namco
Console Arcade (Namco Galaga)
Date 1983

Xevios is a vertical-scrolling shooter published by Watson Corp. in 1983. It is a bootleg of Namco's arcade game Xevious, featuring identical gameplay and graphics. Two versions of the game exist - one of which has a copyright of "1980 WATSON CORP",[1] and the other having a date of 1983, the same year Xevious was released in Japan.[1] The game was shown in early issues of Namco's official press literature Namco Community Magazine NG that warned players of bootleg copies of Namco games, with Xevios being listed.[2]

An easter egg in the game is presented at the start of the game - bombing a certain area of the trees reveals a message stating "DEAD COPY production/copy under NAMCO program", indicating the title was a bootleg. This feature would be replicated in Namco Museum DS, being a selectable feature in the options menu for Xevious.[3]