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Xiao Ma Li (小瑪琍 - literally "Small Mario") is a Famicom game based off the Taiwanese gambling game of the same name, developed by Nei-Hu Electronics and distributed by Idea-Tek. It was also re-released by Computer & Entertainment under the same title and TXC Corporation as Bingo, both with some slight changes.


The gameplay is very similar to Dian Shi Ma Li, being based off the same gambling game although there are a few differences. The player can only bet up to 9 credits on an individual fruit and the controls are different, having been adapted to use one controller while Dian Shi Ma Li required both. The player wins by betting on the image that lights up when the round ends.

The game uses an unusually dark color palette for a Famicom release. C&E release fixed this by making it more bright. This version eventually found its way onto various multicarts with the title screen slightly edited. There is also a stripper in the game but without any nudity. 


  • Despite the name, Mario doesn't appear anywhere in the game.
  • C&E release uses a brighter palette and the label credits C&E beside Idea-Tek.
  • Idea-Tek released two versions under the exact same cover. One of which credits explicitely Nei-Hu electronics while the other versions has no copyright line at all.
  • The version distributed by TXC updates the title screen with a green "Push Start".
  • A couple of cheats exist for this game:
    • Hold A, B, Up, Select, and then press Start on the title screen to see the ending sequence.
    • Hold Up and Select and then press Start on the title screen to begin with 5000 credits.