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The Xiaoshenyou CY-828 188 in 1 is a handheld console which uses the high-resolution variant of the "1.8" Handheld Games, which also includes a 2,5mm jack used to connect to a television and a built-in MP3 player. Interestingly, the box and intro screen even describe it as having an "XS2" dual-core processor alongside with over 256 megabytes of RAM; these claims are currently unverified. It can be powered with either 3 AAA batteries or a Nokia BL-5C battery, which possibly can be charged via the Mini-USB port.


Another version exists, seemingly also called CY-828, which changes up the button layout a bit, replaces the games with a more generic/common set of 699 games (which are from the normal "1.8" handhelds) and lacks the MP3 player/TV output.

MP3 player[]

Unusually for this type of handheld, it has an MP3 player built in, which reads MP3s from a Micro SD card slot. The unit can only power one at a time; the power switch has "Game" and "MP3" positions.

In MP3 mode it doesn't use any of the game buttons (there are three reserved for MP3 control only), doesn't display anything on the screen and can't play music through the internal speaker. Instead, the same port used for TV out in game mode serves as a headphone jack in MP3 mode, and an blue LED flashes to indicate playback. The Mini USB port used for charging also allows access to the Micro SD card, and it also identifies the MP3 circuit as a "JIE LI CD002-1" when connected to a computer. It also acts as a USB audio device and takes over sound output from my computer, routing it via the console's headphone port instead. And it mounts a "USB Input device" on top of that.

If one plugs it into a charger it seems to force it into MP3 playback mode regardless of the switch position, if you switch it to "game" at this point it literally will play MP3s through the internal speaker.


Bold indicates that the game was originally featured on "1.8" Handheld Games consoles.

  1. League of Legends
  2. X-MEN
  3. Dare-to-Die
  4. Big Yellow Duck
  5. Air War
  6. Gravity Run
  7. Iron Man
  8. Bear Advantue
  9. Metal Slug
  10. Hi, Qiang
  11. SanGuo Tower Defence
  12. Bear Coming
  13. Angry of Evil
  14. Tank vs Plane
  15. Let Bullet Go
  16. Popcorn Ninja
  17. Uitraman vs Alien
  18. Where Is My Water
  19. Qiang Advanture
  20. CrossFire
  21. Doraemon
  22. Fishing Joy
  23. Plants VS Zambie 2
  24. GangNam Style
  25. Fruit Ninja
  26. Raiden
  27. Variation Bugs
  28. Mars Mission
  29. Crazy Shoot Pigs
  30. UnderCity Keeper
  31. Blooding Iland
  32. Where is Qiang
  33. Hunt Submarine
  34. Doctor Mario
  35. Crazy Hit Man
  36. Rochet Stool
  37. UItramanZero
  38. Dynamite Snake
  39. Escape Hell
  40. Bots N Bubbles
  41. Find Sword
  42. Shoot Bottle
  43. Greedy Penguin
  44. Packman and Police
  45. WOW Puzzle
  46. Ten Drops
  47. Shape Switcher
  48. Death Coming
  49. Space Zuma
  50. Save Fairy
  51. Dragon legend
  52. Ghost Dodge
  53. Escape
  54. Raiden Undeath
  55. DeepSea Fishing
  56. Pandora
  57. Run Run Monkey
  58. BloxorZ
  59. Falling Can
  60. Smart Carbi
  61. Crazy Bird Memory
  62. Whac-a-Mole
  63. Thin Ice
  64. Down 1000
  65. Bunch Fruit
  66. Big Fish Eat Small
  67. Sanguo TD Undeath
  68. Get Present
  69. Dynamic Clear
  70. PL VS Zambi Undeath
  71. Bean Man
  72. Frog Cross River
  73. Cross Switch
  74. Squirrel Go Home
  75. Turn Card Memory
  76. Just That Face
  77. Impossible Mission
  78. Push Box
  79. Find Word
  80. Face Match
  81. Crackout
  82. Greedy Snake
  83. Arrow Shoot Ghost
  84. Raiden Port
  85. Arrange Apolo
  86. Shot Quick
  87. Blobber
  88. Tetris
  89. Pipe Link
  90. Magic Ball
  91. Block Memory
  92. Coin Shooter
  93. Up Up Up
  94. Rock Paper Scissors
  95. TicTacToe
  96. Take Light Photo
  97. Magic Diamond
  98. Find Difference
  99. Block Find Way
  100. Four Link Chess
  101. Explode Tetris
  102. Dodge
  103. Four Link
  104. Clear Same Color
  105. Where is the Ball
  106. Balloon shooter
  107. Bomb Matcher
  108. TicTacToe
  109. Frog to Heaven
  110. Renju
  111. Nuclear Factory
  112. Smash Block
  113. Squash
  114. Pick Weapon
  115. Cazzle
  116. Move Block
  117. LinkGame QQ
  118. Little Red Fish
  119. Shoot Ballon
  120. Clear Boxes
  121. Bloxpass
  122. Clear Lotus
  123. Move Blocks
  124. Clear Cluster
  125. Present
  126. Happy Multiplication
  127. Shoot Ghost
  128. LULLY Puzzle
  129. Diamond Puzzle
  130. CrossFire Undeath
  131. Clever Chick
  132. JiDou Box Puzzle
  133. Leaf Puzzle
  134. Sudoku
  135. Cappucino Puzzle
  136. OX Horn Chess
  137. Down Down Down
  138. Dodge Danger
  139. Clear Dlock
  140. Catch GoldFish
  141. Oh, Banana
  142. Frog and Leaf
  143. Ghost Shooting
  144. Robot VS Bubble
  145. Unusual Tetris
  146. Guess the Bomb
  147. Take Girls Home
  148. Zuma
  149. Flying Stool
  150. Small Map BeanMan
  151. VR IceHighland
  152. VR NorthPole
  153. VR Chess
  154. VR DoubleInvert
  155. VR Chess2
  156. VR Uncrossble
  157. VR 88Highland
  158. VR S
  159. VR Cross
  160. VR IceForrest
  161. VR Two BattleField
  162. VR Puzzle
  163. VR Where
  164. VR Glacier
  165. VR Glacier2
  166. VR BugHole
  167. VR Maigic Gate
  168. VR You and Me
  169. VR Hard Time
  170. VR Death Filed
  171. Dodge Ghost
  172. Batch the Same
  173. Fishing
  174. Blox to Hole
  175. Happy Invert
  176. PinBall
  177. Happy Addition
  178. Shaped Swicher
  179. SeaWar
  180. Seven Color Block
  181. Raiden Desert
  182. Clear Bubble
  183. Clever Diamond
  184. Anciant Escape
  185. Pick Apple
  186. Happy Subtraction
  187. Link Pet
  188. GiDo Match

TV out[]

This console does have TV out functionality, a relative rarity for this type of handheld. However it isn't activated until the main menu is displayed, so the intro and language select are never output. Also it doesn't mute the speaker (and using the "sound" button to mute/quieten the speaker audio affects the TV-out sound too), so you have to have audio playing through both the console and the TV.

The later 699 in 1 revision removes the TV out functionality. In theory this is probably because the TV-out must be detected and activated in software, and the 699 in 1 game set doesn't support it.