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Xin Feng Shen Bang (新封神榜), also known as Feng Shen Yanyi 2: Gold Version (封神演義2 金版), is a Game Boy Color game in Chinese developed and published by Vast Fame and based off of a Chinese novel by the same name. 


The game's a standard turn-based RPG, seemingly original unlike most of Vast Fame's titles. It seems to have some Final Fantasy influences, such as spells being equippable similar to the Materia in Final Fantasy VII. Many elements common in Vast Fame's games, such as fast walking speed and small mostly-linear overworlds, are present here.



  • After getting to the part where the hawk leaves your team, if you backtrack to earlier locations, bosses in that location that you have already defeated will appear again.
  • The save feature is odd compared to other Vast Fame titles; selecting a new game will erase all present save files regardless of whether the player overwrote any existing files or not. This seems to be only present in this particular game.
  • One of the bosses you fight in the game is the Jade Unicorn, the starting monster you get in Shui Hu Shen Shou.
  • The header for the game's ROM says "SHAWU STORY", which is also present in the other Vast Fame titles Shui Hu Shen Shou and San Guo Zhi: Lie Chuan's headers.