Xin Feng Shen Bang


Vast Fame


Vast Fame


Game Boy Color

Sound engine

Capcom (Mega Man V engine)



Alternate Names

Shawu Story

Xin Feng Shen Bang (新封神榜) is a Game Boy Color game in Chinese developed and published by Vast Fame and based off of a Chinese novel by the same name, and uses the sound engine from Capcom's Mega Man V. 


File:Xin Feng Shen Bang by Vast Fame (Game Boy Color)

The gameplay is much like Vast Fame's other RPG's, having almost the same features as other games, like the HP bar. It starts you in an open world, with invisible enemies that put you into a battle screen like most turn-based RPGs.


  • After getting to the part where the hawk leaves your team, if you backtrack to earlier locations, bosses in that location that you have already defeated will appear again.
  • You can save maximum 3, which isn't featured in Vast Fame's other RPG's.
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