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Title screen.
Publisher Philko
Developer Philko
Original developer Atari Games
Console Arcade
Date 1989
Engine Atari Tetris
Sound engine Wonder Boy Monster Land

Xyonix is a puzzle game made for Arcade machines, developed by Philko and released in 1989.


The game is just a Tetris clone which has the scenery of dynastic era of South Korea. It has 7 modes:

  • Normal: Normal Tetris mode with a pre-made number of lines to be clear;
  • Random Lines: The game starts with some lines filled with blocks;
  • Random Create: A piece of block may appear randomly in the field;
  • Random Erase: A piece of block may disappear randomly in the field;
  • Rounding Pot: After a few blocks, the field goes one column to left;
  • Advancing Line: After a few blocks, the field goes one line up;
  • Random Mix: The pieces fall faster and anything from modes 3 to 6 could happen.


The game modes original idea was taken from Atari Tetris, a Tetris variant made by Atari Games for Arcade machines, and subsequent ported to NES, but quickly removed on the stores. Philko modified the aspects of the game to be more South Korean friendly, as opposed to Russian ambiance.

In comparison with the original game hardware, Xyonix has weaker hardware because:

  • It has a Z80 instead of M6502;
  • Soundchip is dual SN76489 instead of dual POKEY;
  • The video palette does not match the one used in Atari Tetris.

The game also recycles the sound driver and some SFX from the Arcade (machine) version of Wonder Boy in Monster Land, and also features the Korean folk song Arirang.