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Xyonix is an arcade puzzle game developed by Philko released in 1989.


It is a typical Tetris clone themed around the dynastic era of South Korea. The game's mechanics are based on the Atari/Tengen adaptation, featuring 7 modes:

  1. Normal: Standard Tetris with a set number of lines to be cleared
  2. Random Lines: Equivalent to Tetris' B mode - the game start with randomly placed garbage blocks
  3. Random Create: During gameplay, random garbage blocks may spawn on the field.
  4. Random Erase: During gameplay, blocks may be removed at random.
  5. Rounding Pot: The field moves one column to the left periodically.
  6. Advancing Line: The field moves one line up periodically.
  7. Random Mix: The pieces fall faster and anything from modes 3 to 6 could happen.

The game features the Korean folk song Arirang to accompany the Old-Korean visuals, while other music appears to be taken from Wonder Boy in Monster Land.


Xyonix runs on custom hardware loosely based on the Sega System 16, using the Zilog Z80 microprocessor and two SN76489 sound chips.


Xyonix default leaderboard

The default leaderboard

  • The default high score list mentions the actual origin of Tetris, even though the game is likely unauthorized.