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Yenisey-Group is one of the unlicensed game publishers based in Ukraine, whose CDs are known to widespread all over the shops in this country.


In a nutshell, like Neogame, they resell the available translations to Russian of the games (no matter if they are bootleg or legal) for the PC and PlayStation. And yet again, like Neogame, they are known to 'translate' the title of PlayStation console, so after retranslating the Russian title into English it would be 'Game Console'.

All their CDs are known to be sold for no more than $2.

Like on many of pirate CDs, including Neogame's, the back cover of any of their creation is known to have a hologram copyright sticker, which is available on any licensed CD as well. That may bring confusion although and make the consumer think about this product as some sort of 'a legal drug'.


One of their series that is still known to be sold (without new units, however, for last 2 years) is MultiGameZone, which purpose is to make games on PlayStation available to the PC gamers as well, i. e. 'higher compatibility'. To an experienced gamer this is nothing else than a resold translated PlayStation game bundled with an ePSXe emulator with options presetted by default. Hence, the controls are unusual to get over with and there is no FPS limit presetted (the game runs as fast as possible, i. e. 'fastforwarded').

The front cover is known to have a pointless (to an experienced emulator user) 'Not recommended for the computers with the CPU higher than 2,0 MHz' warning.