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Ying Tao Xiao Wan Zi (Chibi Maruko) is an unlicensed Famicom game developed by Union Bond and Mars Production. It's based on the manga and anime, Chibi Maruko-chan.


The game is entirely in Chinese and is mostly text-based. You play as Maruko and walk around the town and, for most of the game, in and around the school. There seems to be some sort of point system. At the school, you can play mini-games such as making Maruko run to a finish line, putting a puzzle together, and playing music. The game contains sprites taken from the Mega Drive game, Chibi Maruko Chan Waku Waku Shopping. The game, or at least the current ROM dump of the game, tends to crash a lot.


27.09.2023 18.52

The text in the hex data mentioned.

  • In the game's hex data, there's text saying "Output Format Executable Intel Hex Tektronix Hex Motorola S1 Motorola S?".