BootlegGames Wiki
Title screen.
Publisher Zechess
Developer Hummer Team
Console VT03
Date 2006
Engine Various
Sound engine Hummer Sound Engine

ZDog is a VT03-based plug-and-play console developed by Hummer Team and published by Zechess. It contains 44 games. Some of the games are used in Hummer Team's other plug & play system, Samuri.


The system has three modes of play, each of which leading to the same 44 minigames. After completing each minigame, you get a star, which is stored in the Star Bank. The game is "completed" when the player gets all 44 stars.

All of the sound is digitized, and the games that ZDog shares with Samuri have their sound redone.

List of games

  1. Space Cruiser - a shooter, uses the same engine as Air Combat from the Samuri
  2. UFO Carrier - second variant of the same game 
  3. Space Fort - third variant of the same game
  4. ZDog Hero - basically the fighting game from the Samuri, only with ZDog, Hummer, Pink Jelly & Panda used
  5. Hummer Hero - same game, but you can only play as Hummer
  6. Jelly Hero - probably self-explanatory
  7. Benthal - another variation on the shooter engine, starring a whale and set underwater
  8. Sea Serpent - second underwater shooting game
  9. Octopus - third underwater shooting game
  10. Submarine - single screen shooter, you must go underwater to avoid stuff
  11. Diplopod War
  12. Pterodactyl - crosshair shooting game, defend the house from pterodactyls to the Aladdin theme tune
  13. Duck Runaway
  14. Space Ball - something with the sprites from Juggling Stunts but the player is in the middle and you have to catch the balls thrown by the other two in space
  15. Harpoon
  16. Surfing - you control Pink Jelly on a surfboard, and you have to avoid sharks
  17. Hunting - similar to the hunting game on the Samuri, but with multiple stages and different animals mixed in together
  18. Fly Eater - Greedy Frog on Samuri
  19. Seals
  20. Knock the Roots - variation on Big Hammer, etc.
  21. Puppy Saver
  22. Cross Street
  23. Cute Heads
  24. Matching
  25. Venice Mugs - variation on Tomatina from the Samuri but the player is throwing mugs at people in Venice
  26. Moose and Water
  27. Honor Ribbon - Arkanoid clone
  28. Mad Jumper - variant of Jelly Motor Boat
  29. Shipwreck - Titenic variant
  30. Heroine - Titenic variant
  31. Cat vs Dogs - Pac-Man clone
  32. Pingpong - a game of Ping Pong with voice acting.
  33. Foredeck - Titenic variant
  34. Double Decker - Titenic variant
  35. Elevator - Titenic variant
  36. Ocean Hero - Titenic variant
  37. Panda Hero - another fighting game
  38. Mad Dogs - variant of Crazy Cats on the Samuri
  39. Samurai
  40. Butter Fly
  41. Lobster
  42. Lion vs Zebra
  43. Monkey - it is basically like Moose & Water but with a monkey in a tree
  44. Star Bank


  • The game Mad Dogs is a variant of Crazy Cats on the Samuri plug and play. In the Samuri manual, it lists it as Mad Dogs instead of Crazy Cats.
  • This is the last known release by Hummer Team.
  • VDog, which seems to be an early version of ZDog, appears in the documentation for EmuVT.