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Zemina (재미나) was a South Korea-based pirate company that primarily developed for the MSX computer (which was popular in Asia) and Sega SG-1000, and started using the Master System as a platform for their products later. Their flagship series was the Super Boy series (1989-92).


Not much is known about Zemina, although several of their games have copyright dates of 1987. Probably the first game they made was an unofficial English translation of the 1986 MSX Konami game King Kong 2: Yomigaeru Densetsu. Their next game was possibly Won-Si-In, although this is not exactly known as the game has no copyright date, just Zemina's logo and company name.

In mid 1992, Zemina's internal programmers left to form Open Corp..


Currently, there are no known aliases for Zemina. Other Korean developers that may be related include Clover, Topia, Prosoft, FA Soft, Zemmix, and Micro Zemina. The last two are more obvious than the first four, but it is still possible that any of those could be an alias for Zemina.

Daewoo Zemmix[]

The Zemmix is a video game console made by Daewoo Electronics, although it was really just a MSX computer fit inside a video game console-like case instead of the MSX's usual setup. As the Zemmix was just a re-cased MSX, all of Zemina's MSX products are compatible with the Zemmix. The lifespan of the console was also similar to the MSX, lasting from 1984-95.


Game Year System Based Off/Clone Of...
Go Classroom/Baduk N/A MSX N/A
New Boggle Boggle 1988 MSX Bubble Bobble (Developed by MBitM)
The Three Dragon Story 1989 MSX Knightmare
Super Bubble Bobble 1989 MSX Bubble Bobble (Boggle Boggle but with new levels) (Developed by MBitM)
Block Hole 1990 MSX Quarth
Brother Adventure 1987 MSX Mario Bros.
Cyborg Z 1991 MSX N/A
Double Dragon 1989 MSX Double Dragon
Doksuri 5 Hyeongje - Eagles 5 (Developed by MBitM) 1990 MSX N/A
Flashpoint 1990 MSX Flash Point
Magic Kid Googoo 1992 Famicom N/A
Puznic 1990 MSX Puzznic
Street Master 1992 MSX Street Fighter
Super Boy I 1989 MSX Super Mario Bros.
Super Boy II 1989 MSX Super Mario Bros.
Super Boy 3 1991 MSX Super Mario World
Super Boy 4 1992 Sega Master System Super Mario World
Super Bubble Bobble 1989 MSX Bubble Bobble
Tetris 1990 MSX Tetris(Atari) (Developed by Uttum)
The Micro Xevious 1990 MSX Xevious (Developed by MBitM)
Won-Si-In 1990 MSX The New Type
  • King Kong 2: Yomigaeru Densetsu was unofficially re-released by Zemina. Also, some games such as Double Dragon are Zemina clones of the original games made by bigger companies.



  • Some of Open's earlier games reuse tracks from Zemina's games
  • Penguin Adventure, F-1 Spirit: The Way to Formula-1 and Knightmare II: The Maze of Galious as well as most of their MSX games and compilations received ports to Sega Master System

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