Zig Zag
Title screen.
Hack of DIG DUG
Publisher LAX
Developer LAX
Original developer NAMCO
Console Arcade
Date 1982
Engine DIG DUG

Zig Zag is a maze game made for Arcade machines, developed by LAX and released in 1982.

Overview Edit

The game plays much like DIG DUG: Search for enemies by digging on ground and pump them to explode. The only major difference in gameplay is a pick ax, which speed-up the character for a while.

Trivia Edit

Zig Zag is a hack of DIG DUG, which was available in two arcade boards: Namco Galaxian and Namco Galaga. In the Namco Galaxian version, the game has an AY-3-8910A as the soundchip (as opposed of discrete-logic schematic sound circuitry found in Galaxian and other games). In the Namco Galaga version, it runs on the same hardware from the original game, but it does not have the pick ax, becoming nothing more than a simple title screen hack.

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