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Zig Zag (ジグザグ) is a maze arcade game from 1982, and is a bootleg version of Dig Dug. It was developed by Taito of Brazil, under the dummy publisher name of "LAX", and ran on a modified version of the hardware for Moon Cresta (itself an altered version of a Namco Galaxian board). A second version of the game under the same title also exists, however it is identical to the original Dig Dug aside from the removal of copyright and altered title.


The gameplay is virtually identical to Dig Dug - the player takes control of a miner who must dig underground and defeat all of the enemies by inflating them with air until they explode. The pump from the original game is not present, with the player needing to get up close to the enemies to kill them. The player can also dig underneath rocks and let them fall on top of enemies for additional points. Unlike Namco's game, a pickaxe power-up was added, which will allow the player to dig faster for a very brief period of time. Vegetable bonus items do not appear in the game, an omission from the original title. The game ends after 99 levels, causing the game's hardware to overflow and glitch, resulting in a soft-lock or a kill-screen.

A second version of the game exists by the same title. It runs on the Namco Galaga arcade board, and is virtually identical to Dig Dug aside from the altered title logo and the omission of all copyright text from the title screen.


  • The flower icon that appears in the game is a bonus item in the Dig Dug skin for the Steam release of Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+.