Zook Hero 2
Rockman DX3 title
Title screen from the Rockman X3 version
Publisher V.Fame (Taiwan)
Li Cheng (China)
Developer V.Fame
Console Game Boy Color
Sound engine Capcom (Mega Man V engine)
Alternate names/hacks Rockman DX3, Rockman X3, Rockman 3

Zook Hero 2, also known as Rockman DX3, is a platform game for the Game Boy Color developed by V.Fame and the sequel to Zook Z.


Rockman DX3 screenshot

A gameplay screenshot

Zook Hero 2 is a platform game based on Capcom's Mega Man X series, particularly Megaman Xtreme 2. The game is structured similarly to a Megaman game, with eight stages in total, six of which can be selected from the start of the game and contain bosses from which you gain a weapon. Zook's abilities are nearly identical to X's, such as an arm cannon capable of firing both single and charged shots, and sliding and wall jump moves.

As in Xtreme 2 you can start the game as one of two playable characters, "Zook 1" (red) and "Zook 2" (purple), although only their appearances seem to differ.

Despite the game's heavy Mega Man influences however its code, graphics and music appear to be original, with the exception of the sound engine, which is taken from Mega Man V.


  • Zook Hero 2 - The original version.
  • Rockman 3 - Same as Zook Hero 2 with a different title screen. Possibly the version released in China by Li Cheng
  • Rockman X3 - Uses the music from Zook Z. Has no save function (the game will crash if you try to save) but all the bosses are defeated from the start - this gives you all the weapons but also means the bosses are missing from the first six levels.
  • Rockman DX3 - Title used on the packaging for both above versions.
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